2022 Staff
Doug Agar – Southern Satellite Coach
Pat O’Donnell – Central Satellite Coach
Andrew Sinclair – Western Satellite Coach
Jackson Wright – Coach
Daniel Smith – Coach
Jaclyn Hogan – Manager


2022 Athletes
Alexis Bailey
Eliza Brown
Tanner Cassidy
Cameron Chyb
Jayden Clissold
Shannon Dicks
Lillian Eggleton
Simone Flanagan
Brodie Hamilton
Cohen Harms
Liam Hill
Ryan Holt
Avie Liley
Beth Macarthur
Georgia Martin
Oscar Mitter
Hamish Morrison
Jamie Peck
Locklyn Peel
Ethan Semple
Savannah Somerfield
Rose Wickson
Abigail Wilkinson
Nick Wilkinson
Mackenzie Williams
Tilly Willinck


2022 Development Athletes
Amy Cowell
Zoe Davis
Aaron Dawson
Byron Dicks
Alice Eggleton
Hamish Ellis
Isaac Martin
Stella Moeliker
Hannah Quinn
Benjamin Sinclair

Southern Sports Academy Hockey Squad will meet weekly for training sessions from November 2021 – April 2022 for the Your Local Clubs Academy Games (break for Christmas), to receive the most professional coaching available in the area.

The program will provide coaching, training, and athletic development to improve athletes with a view to:
• Develop the fundamental skill level of athletes which will enhance their opportunities for selection into the Hockey NSW performance pathway
• Prepare athletes to a level where their transition to any representation ‘seamless’ in terms of programs or pathways;
• Increase the level of success of those athletes at competition and events.

In addition to the quality coaching, all scholarship holders in the Academy are also exposed to a range of workshops from our specialist consultants including workshops relating to Sports Psychology, Nutrition, Recovery, Athletic Development as well as receiving Strength and Conditioning training that is specific to their sport with complimentary gym membership.

The Southern Sports Academy understands there is a great deal more to being an outstanding athlete than what happens solely on the sporting field. To this end, the Academy provides professional tuition for its athletes on Personal Development related issues. Topics that are covered include (but are not restricted to) Leadership Skills, Goal Setting, Expectations and Obligations of the Professional Athlete, Responsible Use of Social Media, Time Management and Media Skills.

All this adds up to the Southern Sports Academy leading the way in terms of providing valuable development opportunities for junior athletes in the Southern NSW region.


This year will also see a Hockey Umpiring Program – please see nomination form for further information.

To be eligible for the Academy Hockey Program, athletes must be:

– Nominees must be 16-18 years old in 2022 (athletes born between 2004 and 2006 inclusive)
– Not a scholarship holder in the Hockey NSW AAP program for the same term
– Be a registered primary member of a Hockey NSW affiliated Association
– Committed to progressing to higher representation within the sport of Hockey
– Currently residing or going to school within the SSA regional catchment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Benefits are subject to pending Government Covid Restrictions

• Skills training sessions
• Induction and Leadership camp
• Muscular skeletal Screening and Athletic Development programming
• Workshops focussing on Sports Psychology, Strength and Conditioning and Sports Medicine. Workshops relating to
athlete personal development will also be offered during the scholarship period
• Gym membership (dependant on partnerships within your local town)
• Online and face-to-face education relating to athlete personal development
• Annual presentation evening (sit down dinner – pending Covid restrictions)
• Southern Sports Academy uniform

A program levy will be applicable to successful athletes.  Also an athlete uniform ordered though our online clothing supplier Puma is required for new athletes.

Athlete levies are subsidised by minimum $100 worth or raffle ticket sales by athletes, this program is also eligible for the NSW Government Active Kids $100 voucher rebate.

* Scholarships are not in the form of a monetary sum but enable the athlete to participate in Academy development programs at a greatly reduced rate.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Southern Sports Academy’s Hockey Program, please fill out an Expression of Interest form below and you will be notified once Nominations open.

Hockey Expression of Interest