2021 Staff
Richard Skellern, Head Coach
Jonathan Andreou, Coach
Harriett Elleman, Assistant Coach/Manager


2021 Athletes
Nathan Butt
Tyler Byrne
Beniel Dakunibubului
Thomas Furgusion
Amber Hallam
Max Harland
Jisharn Harrison
Harry Hayes
Hamish Johnstone
Jack Keane
Sophia Kelsey
Milly Lucas
Xaviar Maxwell
Blake McDonald
Nate McGregor
Rachel-Rose Priest
Angus Randall
Paiton Sainsbury
Ines Treharne
Grace Wilkes Bowes
Kylan Young

Southern Sports Academy athletes come together at least twice a month to receive the best and most professional coaching available in the area.

The 10 month program will provide coaching, training, and athletic development to improve athletes with a view to:

  • Develop the fundamental skill level of athletes which will enhance their opportunities for selection into Brumbies Representative Teams;
  • Prepare athletes to a level where their transition to any Brumbies Team is ‘seamless’ in terms of programs or pathways;
  • Increase the level of success of those athletes at competition and events in rugby competition nationwide

In addition to the quality coaching, all scholarship holders in the Academy are also exposed to a range of workshops from our specialist consultants including workshops relating to Sports Psychology, Nutrition, Recovery, Athletic Development as well as receiving Strength and Conditioning training that is specific to their sport.

The Academy will also deliver an Induction and Leadership weekend which is a compulsory event for all athletes of the Academy.

To be eligible for the Academy Rugby Program, athletes must be born between 2002-2005 inclusive (Aged 15 to 18 in 2020) and residing or schooling within the SSA catchment area.

  • Specialised coaching session with SSA and Brumbies coaching staff
  • Induction and Leadership camp (Borambola- 2 nights accommodation + meals)
  • U16’s– Your Local Club Academy Games – Hunter (travel and Accommodation)
  • Muscular Skeletal Screening and Athletic Development programming
  • Professional development consultation sessions (Your Local Club Athlete Education Program)
  • Online and face-to-face education relating to athlete personal development
  • Gym membership (dependant on partnerships within your local town). Information to follow
  • Program clothing apparel (ordered separately online)
  • Preferred rate on consultation services provided by Active Physiotherapy
  • Privileged pricing on Puma online store purchases
  • Annual presentation evening – 23rd October 2020, (sit down dinner)

A program levy will be applicable to successful athletes.  Also an athlete uniform ordered though our online clothing supplier Puma is required for new athletes.

Athlete levies are subsidised by minimum $100 worth or raffle ticket sales by athletes, this program is also eligible for the NSW Government Active Kids $100 voucher rebate.

* Scholarships are not in the form of a monetary sum but enable the athlete to participate in Academy development programs at a greatly reduced rate.