2021 Staff
Tom Denahy, Head Coach
Jade Culph, Coach

2019 Athletes
William Carmichael
Matthew Ferguson
Jane Haeusler
Jensen Hargreaves
Kenneth Hargreaves
Digby Paterson
Blake Tinworth

This program will entail 5 training camps including the Leadership & Induction Camp, plus the Your Local Club Academy Games,  and one TNSW Tournament (TBD) from November 2018 through to April 2019. Apart from Tennis skill and fitness development, key components of the scholarship include access to the range of consultants of the Academy.  Consultants deliver workshops on issues including, but not restricted to, Leadership, Sport Psychology, Strength and Conditioning, Recovery and Core Strength, Drugs in Sport and Sports Medicine principles.

The Academy Induction and Leadership weekend (November 23rd – 25th) is a compulsory event for all athletes of the Academy.

Age: Boys & Girls aged 12-16 (inclusive) in 2019
Current member of a club withing the SSA region with a desire to reach State Junior and National Level

  • Minimum 5 specialised coaching camps with program coaching staff
  • Induction and Leadership evening (Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th November -Borambola)
  • Muscular skeletal Screening and Athletic Development programming
  • Your Local Club Academy Games – Hunter (Travel, 2 nights accommodation 12th -14th April) This is a COMPULSORY event
  • TNSW Tournament (TBD once TNSW 2019 Tournament Schedule confirmed)
  • Gym membership
  • Preferred rate on consultation services provided by Active Physiotherapy
  • Privileged pricing on Puma online store purchases
  • Annual presentation evening – October 2019, (sit down dinner)

A program levy will be applicable to successful athletes.  Also an athlete uniform ordered though our online clothing supplier Puma is required for new athletes.

Athlete levies are subsidised by minimum $100 worth or raffle ticket sales by athletes.

* Scholarships are not in the form of a monetary sum but enable the athlete to participate in Academy development programs at a greatly reduced rate.