The New South Wales Institute of Sport (NSWIS) in partnership with the Regional Academies of Sport (RAS) have launched a high performance talent pathway program for athletes from country NSW. The program connects both targeted regional athletes and their coaches to high performance expertise and provides opportunities to develop their success in Olympic sports.

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Pursu32+ is the umbrella name for NSWIS ‘READY’ talent projects – the identification and development of athletes with the potential to succeed in Olympic sports and Olympic events.

NSWIS ‘READY’ athletes are NSW’s pipeline – they are athletes entering a high performance environment who are already prepared for the rigors and demands of elite training and have foundational knowledge of key areas, such as nutrition and recovery.

Pursu32+ RAS talent program is a selective talent ID program aimed at identifying, supporting and providing opportunities to emerging talent from regional NSW.  The program provides talented regional athletes with exposure to high level expertise in coaching, nutrition, performance planning, skill technique and body control, assisting these athletes to be NSWIS ‘READY’ to progress to elite competition in Olympic and Paralympic sports and events.  The program is delivered in partnership by NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS) and the Regional Academies of Sport (RAS).

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Sarah Carly, Track and Field Olympian

“Pursu32+ RAS Talent Program is going to be a massive game changer.”

“It’s so important for athletes to be recognised by programs like Pursu32+ because it gives them the confidence –   and the backing –   to know they’re capable of bigger things as an athlete.”

Tyler Puzicha, World Junior Cyclist Silver Medallist, NSWIS

“I was part of the Western Region Academy of Sport, and growing up they helped me know what the high levels are like.”

“So while I was in WRAS, we were really proud because we made up 25% of the Junior Nationals team, so I think that was really cool to show that the country kids can do it.”

“Pursu32+ RAS talent program will help kids like me when I was younger to get those facilities to help them try and help them succeed.”


Xylavene Beale – Athletics
Angus Behnke – Mountain Biking
Hunter Behnke – Mountain Biking
Sydney Chittenden – Track/Road Cycling
Georgie Hayes – Rugby 7s
Lexie Phillips – Track/Road Cycling